Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Around the Shop

Absolutely- we would love that! Since opening, we have held a variety of public & private events in the shop, including birthday parties, photo shoots, book clubs, and more. 

We are very happy to discuss your ideas; simply send an email to and we can get the process started! 

We love when dogs and other fur buddies visit, but we ask that they remain on leash the whole time. 

You know your buddy best- will they be overwhelmed by the sounds & smells? Will they get upset if there are children or other dogs in the shop? We don't want anyone to be uncomfortable in the shop, and that includes your pet, so please be mindful of whether bringing them is the best fit! 

Please note, if your pup is barking or otherwise being disruptive in the space, we may need to ask you to step outside. 


Because we've chosen to prioritize reading over collecting, we've set a limit of 1 copy per customer across all covers. For example if Hulk #1 has 10 covers available to purchase, we ask that you choose your favorite cover, and purchase 1 copy of that issue. Any additional covers and/or copies purchased will be canceled. If you know you have interest in purchasing more than 1 cover and/or more than one copy of an issue, we suggest pre-ordering before the Final Order Cutoff date. There are few limits to the number of copies you can order as long as they are submitted before Final Order Cutoff. If you were unable to place the order before the cutoff date but you would like to purchase more than 1 copy/cover, please contact us at

Absolutely! We would love to help make sure a copy of your favorite title is reserved for you each release date!

We have no limits on boxes- you're welcome to reserve 1 title or 100, as long as you're excited for the title & fiscally able to cover the order, we are happy to make it happen. Subscriptions are also not limited to periodical ("floppy") comics- you're welcome to set a pull list that includes manga series, collected trades, and even novels!

All of our subscribers start at a 5% discount off of retail to say thank you for making our lives easier by preordering! Discounts are longevity (rather than quantity) based from there- so regardless of the number of titles on your pull list or dollars spent, the longer you keep an active box, the higher your discount gets! 

Interested in setting up a box? Come visit us in the shop or send us an email at! 

An excellent question that is a bit tough to answer, with the short answer being "yes, but..."

Some variants are called "open order" meaning nothing special has to be done in order for us to qualify to order them. We are very happy to order these for you!

Other variants are often referred to as "gated" or "ratioed" meaning we have to order a certain number of another cover in order to qualify for those (for example, a "1:25" may require us to order 25 copies of the main or "A" cover in order to order that cover). We are happy to work with you to see if we may be able to get those covers and what the cost may be.

Please note that in all cases, variants need to be ordered before the Final Order Cutoff date set by the publisher. Those can generally be found online and are shared on our website each week under the "Weekly FOC" tab, but we are happy to answer any specific questions! 


Absolutely we do! Because this can be a large or lengthy process, we ask that you please call or email us first to make sure that we are ready for you and so we can make a plan that feels best for both parties. 

Please note that we generally purchase comics published after 1970 by the pound without looking through your collection (please contact us for our current rate per pound). If you believe that you have something of value, we are happy to take a closer look! Depending on the item, it may be appropriate to offer it for sale in our shop with a consignment agreement, where we will take a portion of the total sale.

*Please note: comic buying is on hold for late 2023 & early 2024 after the acquisition of a large collection. This line will be removed when buying is resumed!*

While we wouldn't call ourselves appraisel experts, we do have a handful of tools at our disposal and are very happy to help! If you would like your item(s) appraised, please send an email to in order to set an appointment with a staff member. 

Please note: there is an hourly rate associated with this service. Our current rate will be shared when we first correspond by email.


Please note that while we will pack your items to the best of our ability, we unfortunately cannot guarantee they will arrive to a specific level of quality once your order is handed off to the carrier. We understand that damage may occur during shipment, we ask that you contact us within 48 hours of delivery confirmation.

Depending on the size of your order, comic books will be packed in a cardboard T-Fold Mailer, or, for larger orders, in a small box with bubble wrap. For orders that contain items other than comic books, they will be packed with care with bubble wrap in a box appropriate for the size of your order.

Please note, we recommend a bag & board with your periodical comics, in order to best protect during shipping.